Jets Win Thursday Night Battle of New York

The Rex Hex is Finally Over for Fitz

What is better than having Thursday Night Football host two New York teams and let them battle it out on prime time television? Not much. The New York Jets soared to victory this past Thursday Night defeating the Buffalo Bills in a shoot-out 37-31 win. Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick was 24-34 and throw for 374 yards, one of his best performances ever.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Some of the Jets’ notable performances:

  • Brandon Marshall 6 catches for 1201 yards
  • Quincy Enunwa 6 catches for 92 yards
  • Matt Forte rushed for 100 yards with 3 TDs
  • Eric Decker 6 catches for 126 yards and 1 TD

The Bill’s coach Rex Ryan admitted losing to the Jets hurts, badly.

Losing sucks, losing to the former team you used to coach sucks even more. Rex was not shy in admitting his team got beat up pretty badly by his old team. The Jets dominated all categories of the game and pretty much ran the tempo of the game. The only time the team should have been worried was after halftime when the Bills came  out and scored two quick touchdowns on the Jets.

A scary point in the game happen when Brandon Marshall went down and got hurt in the game. Marshall appeared to be writhing in pain after failing awkwardly on his knee battling for the ball against the Bills corner-marshallback Stephon Gilmore. Gilmore illegally grabbed Marshall’s face mask causing him to twist and land right on his knee. Marshall walked off the field on his own power, but a few minutes later took a walk down the tunnel to the locker-room. Ten minutes later a sigh of relief from Jets Fans all over the world.

Check out the scary moment here:

Ironically, the Jets’ offense was the strongest part of their game against the Bills, when it is normally their weakest. The Jets know they need to work on their defense. The Bills and the Bengals from week 1 both reveled flaws that should be easy fixes for the notorious defensive crew. Revis Island was extremely busy and Revis admitted he was not as good as he usually is. Many long balls were beating him and his fellow safeties. Special teams can also tighten up and get back to their normal dominant personas.

Overall, the Jets should be very happy with that all-around team win. Their offense was an incredible weapon on Thursday, especially for a team that often struggles staying consistent with having a strong offensive performance. Fitzpatrick has to be pleased that his arsenal is growing additions jets2like Quincy Enunwa in the air and Matt Forte on the ground. Head Coach Todd Bowles and the rest of the coaching staff hope that the confident Fitzpatrick is here to stay for the rest of the year. But for now, the Jets can sit back and watch the rest of the league battle it out this weekend. Their next game is next Sunday the 25th against the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs are a forced to be reckoned with, so Gang Green better be ready.





8 thoughts on “Jets Win Thursday Night Battle of New York

  1. Very nice post Tim. I found your article to be refreshing. I find a lot of blog posts on sports are usually so biased . I am a Jets fan, but I was born and raised in Buffalo (so I’m tied between the two). I didn’t catch this game because of work but your post was concise (not too drawn out to lose my interest) and I learned about the highlights through your post so thank you.
    Also, Congrats on your baby Brantley! Hopefully you can post a picture with the next post.
    -Elise Konikoff

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  2. Oh man, this was a good read however it pains me to read it. I am die-hard Bills fan and I actually just did my first blog on their performance through Week 2! I’ll give you this, it was a good win for the Jets, but our downfall was poor coaching decisions and not utilizing our star performers such as you guys did. I’d like to say we beat ourselves but your big guys were certainly performing that night.

    WE will see how the rest of the season plays out!

    -Adam Titanic

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  3. Nice post. I watched the game but fell asleep at half time. This was a nice post recapping the game and highlighting all important aspects. I’m more of a Giants fan but I was definitely happy the Jets won this game. I really enjoyed reading your post, nice job.

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  4. Nice post Tim – you summed up what happened in the game very well/clearly. That was a very important win for the Jets after losing a tough home game against Cincinnati in week 1… The schedule doesn’t get any easier with KC, Sea, Pitt and Arizona coming up.. I am a Steelers fan so I will be looking forward to that week 5 matchup..

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  5. Finally beat the the Bills! Great job on tackling the major story lines that came from the big win. Interesting that Greg Roman (Buffalo’s offensive coordinator) was fired after the offense scored three of the team’s four touchdowns on what is supposed to be an elite defense (I know it’s early and we are all panicking about Revis getting burned in consecutive weeks). Meanwhile, Rob Ryan and the defense allowed the Jets to pass and run all over them. That seems to be a topic for another day. At the end of the day, a win is a win. I’m hoping that we will be able to overcome our injuries and prevail on the road in a tough week 3 matchup with the Chiefs.

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