Jets Win Thursday Night Battle of New York

The Rex Hex is Finally Over for Fitz

What is better than having Thursday Night Football host two New York teams and let them battle it out on prime time television? Not much. The New York Jets soared to victory this past Thursday Night defeating the Buffalo Bills in a shoot-out 37-31 win. Jets QB Ryan Fitzpatrick was 24-34 and throw for 374 yards, one of his best performances ever.

Ryan Fitzpatrick

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Do Jets have an Ultimate QB Curse?

After Ryan Fitzpatrick’s dreadful performance the last two weeks, only one question can come to mind: are the Jets cursed at the QB position?

After reading my last post my hopes were high for Fitzpatrick, I guess maybe a little too high. The guy went from floating like an angel to crushing the heart of every Jet fan who for one week thought we had a chance of being a playoff contending team. He had a combined 9 interceptions the last two games and a total of 10 on the season LEADING the NFL. Fitz had 6 interceptions in one game at Arrowhead Stadium against the Chiefs, proving to all 71,000 plus fans that being a Jets fan is quite comical.

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills

Unfortunately for Jet Fans, this type of poor and inconsistent performance by a QB  is not uncommon. Jets fans all can remember the unforgettable butt fumble by Mark Sanchez on a prime time football night with the whole nation watching. It was bad enough that they were playing the Patriots and then Mark had to go and do the butt fumble. Please take a few minutes out of your day to laugh and admire one of the worst plays you will EVER see in the NFL and remember that the NEW YORK JETS were able to pull this off.

or the piss poor play of Geno ‘Interception’ Smith, when every time the ball left his hand you just prayed it wasn’t going to the other team.  Smith is still the Jets backup to this day and no one knows why,  including head coach Todd Bowles.

The Jets seriously need to get it together and their leader Fitzpatrick  better pick up his game. Yes the season is still young, but these early losses add up very quickly. Starting 1-3 with a tough schedule ahead is going to be a long and vicious road for the New York Jets. But then again, do they ever like to do anything the easy way?

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